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Reborn (The Born Trilogy) by Tara Brown

Reborn is the last book in the Born Trilogy by Tara Brown. I had hopes that this book would improve on the second, much like the second had improved on the first, but I was left feeling disappointed. This book follows Emma and her group of friends as they continue to try and take down the corrupt city and it’s ruler Micheal, Emma’s father. I was lost as Emma continued to make rash decisions that didn’t seem thought through and happened way too fast to follow. I didn’t really care about the story line of taking down the city, it didn’t make sense. I kept reading this series because I was interested in the love triangle between Emma, Will, and Jake. I was a bit let down there too. The epilogue, however, was written very well and I liked the closure it gave the reader. I wish all the books had been written with the patience and the detail of the epilogue. This series is an interesting concept and has a lot of potential. It’s like an action movie that has a good story, but it is overshadowed by long drawn out action scenes.


Reborn 2.5 out of 5 stars



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Born To Fight (The Born Trilogy) by Tara Brown

Born To Fight is the second book in The Born Trilogy by Tara Brown. I had some problems with the first book leaving character holes, but I was still interested enough to see what was going to happen to Emma, the heroine of the series. This book focuses on how Emma is different from others and why. She is still torn between the two brothers, but she does decide which one she wants to be with. I found this to be a fast paced read and interesting. It still had problems with the characters “acting out of character”, for the lack of a better term, but still a good read and an improvement on the first. (I would rate this series higher if it was edited better and the character holes were filled.)

Born To Fight 2.75 out of 5 stars

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Born (The Born Trilogy) by Tara Brown

This book is set in a post apocalyptic world where a virus and some natural disasters have destroyed civilization. The virus turned people into zombies. Emma is a nineteen year old girl who lives alone in a cabin in the woods. She was trained to be a survivalist by her father, but she has been on her own for ten years, her only companion being a pet wolf. She decides to help a girl who comes to her door and her life is forever changed. Emma also faces other dangers besides the zombies. The new government is stealing girls to breed better human beings. This book is an interesting idea and the book is fast paced. I like fast paced books, but this one is so fast paced that it leaves many holes in the character development. I think this book would have been better if the author had taken more time to tell the story. Many character traits came out of nowhere and really didn’t make sense. All in all, it was a good read for the price I paid, which was $1 on amazon. 

Born 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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