Blood Ties

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Lexi Hawthorne’s world is turned upside down when a virus sweeps across the world stranding Lexi halfway across the country from her family. She goes into hiding, and after two years, she is forced to face the new world as she tries to make her way back to her family. Her journey home becomes dangerous when she finds out the truth. Some of the people that survived the initial virus were changed to something more vampire-like than human. While on this journey, she finds love in an unlikely place and their love is put to the test when it comes to her family.

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

Andrew looked at me asking what to do with his eyes. “Please… let … him.” It was all I could get out. I was in so much pain and my body was starting to convulse with chills. I must be going into shock like Ryder said. I saw Andrew and Ryder talking, but I couldn’t hear them anymore, my hearing was fading as unconsciousness grew inevitable. Andrew gave Ryder a nod and Ryder bit into his own wrist. I saw his bloody wrist approaching my mouth as everything around was fading to black. I held on as I tasted the salty blood enter my mouth and swallowed it down. I took a few more gulps as I stared up into Ryder’s blue eyes.
“That’s it, drink as much as you can.” Ryder said. I took a few more gulps before I passed out.


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