Reborn (The Born Trilogy) by Tara Brown

Reborn is the last book in the Born Trilogy by Tara Brown. I had hopes that this book would improve on the second, much like the second had improved on the first, but I was left feeling disappointed. This book follows Emma and her group of friends as they continue to try and take down the corrupt city and it’s ruler Micheal, Emma’s father. I was lost as Emma continued to make rash decisions that didn’t seem thought through and happened way too fast to follow. I didn’t really care about the story line of taking down the city, it didn’t make sense. I kept reading this series because I was interested in the love triangle between Emma, Will, and Jake. I was a bit let down there too. The epilogue, however, was written very well and I liked the closure it gave the reader. I wish all the books had been written with the patience and the detail of the epilogue. This series is an interesting concept and has a lot of potential. It’s like an action movie that has a good story, but it is overshadowed by long drawn out action scenes.


Reborn 2.5 out of 5 stars



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3 responses to “Reborn (The Born Trilogy) by Tara Brown

  1. Christina


    In the ending of the book (Reborn) they talk about the twins and mention another child called Will (named after Will). Who’s kid is he?

    • I assumed he was Anna’s since Emma says she can’t have kids and Star probably can’t have kids either because they are the same.

      • Christina

        Hmmm…. That’s what I thought but I kept reading those few lines over again to make sure I was getting it and alas I am still left re-reading. Thanks for your response!

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